2022 Continuum of Care Program Application

House and Senate pass H.R. 2471. Pages 1731 and 1732 includes a section noted as Homeless Assistance Grants. Based on the following text below which was copied from the bill, the 2022 CoC Program application will continue to prioritize reallocating lower performing projects; include a section similar to last year’s section entitled “3A. Coordination with Housing and Healthcare Bonus Points;” include another section similar to last year, which was entitled “4A. DV Bonus Application; and to renew or replace grants for youth homeless demonstration projects.

  • $2,809,000,000 shall be for the Continuum of Care program and the Rural Housing Stability Assistance programs;
  • Secretary shall prioritize funding under the Continuum of Care program to continuums of care that have demonstrated a capacity to reallocate funding from lower performing projects to higher performing projects;
  • Secretary shall provide incentives to create projects that coordinate with housing providers and healthcare organizations to provide permanent supportive housing and rapid re-housing services;
  • Not less than $52,000,000 shall be for grants for new rapid re-housing projects and supportive service projects providing coordinated entry, and for eligible activities that the Secretary determines to be critical in order to assist survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking;
  • amounts made available for the Continuum of Care program under this heading in this Act and any remaining unobligated balances from prior Acts may be used to competitively or noncompetitively renew or replace grants for youth homeless demonstration projects under the Continuum of Care program.

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