California Homelessness Landscape Assessment Study and Continuums of Care

This assessment will cover the impact of state programs across all 44 Continuums of Care (CoCs) and all 58 counties in the state, in order to understand the ways state funding impacts communities across California. The study will identify how the major state programs are being used, who is accessing services and housing provided by those programs, and how the different programs are delivered at the local level.

The California Homelessness Landscape Assessment Study will collect data from all of California’s Continuums of Care, including the counties and cities within them. Data sources include interviews with Continuum of Care (CoC) leadership and staff, participating local governments, public agencies, non-profit homelessness service organizations, housing developers, community groups, and people with lived experience of homelessness.

Data collection from state agencies and state funding recipients began in early 2022. Cal ICH will submit an interim report to the legislature in the summer of 2022, followed by a final report on all findings in December 2022.

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