Funding Opportunity Number Inconsistency

Submitted by Pat Leslie
Hub for Urban Initiatives

Q: The CoC NOFO for FY2022 Continuum of Care Competition and Non-Competitive Award of YHDP Renewal and Replacement Grants s identified in Grants.GOv and on the cover of the NOFO Release as FR-6600 -N-25, however it is identified as FR-6500-N-25 on the HUD Exchange (shown below in the Funding Information section on the left.) The 6500 number was used in prior years. Please confirm if the 6600 is correct for 2022.

A: Hello. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
FR-6600 -N-25 is the correct funding opportunity name for the FY 2022 CoC Program Competition. For information pertaining to the CoC Program Competition, please refer to the CoC Program Competition Page on the HUD.Gov website at: The HUDExchange is administered by HUD TA Providers. We expect that TA Providers will update the HUDExchange website accordingly

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