Governor Newsom Signs 2020 Budget Act: What’s in it for Homelessness

Project Roomkey to Project Homekey

The Budget prioritizes funds to mitigate homelessness and takes a new approach by allocating $600 million for Project HomeKey to acquire permanent housing through the purchase and renovation of motel properties throughout the state.

Approves $550 million through the Department of Housing and Community Development for acquisition or acquisition and rehabilitation of motels, hotels, or hostels; master leasing of properties; acquisition of other sites and assets; conversion of units from nonresidential to residential in a structure with a certificate of occupancy as a motel, hotel, or hostel; purchase of affordability covenants and restrictions for units; and the relocation costs for individuals who are being displaced as a result of rehabilitation of existing units.

An additional $50 million to help operate these facilities over the coming 12 months

Allocates $300 million through HHAP Round 2 as follows:
a) $90 million to Continuums of Care (CoC)
b) $130 million to each city, or city that is also a county that has a population of 300,000 or more as of January 1, 2020.
c) $80 million to counties

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