Hourly City Worker – HMIS

Glendale CoC




Under direction of Community Services  Manager, this position provides staff assistance in the planning, implementation, and general administration of community projects and the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) under the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The (HMIS) is a web-based continuum-wide computerized data collection system for agencies providing homeless services.


Essential functions include but are not limited to:

Analyzes and installs system and security requirements for participating agencies.


Analyzes and interprets current HUD HMIS data elements and requirements.


Analyzes the HMIS use and performs in-depth data validation on data from assigned participating organizations.


Coordinates report submissions for IDIS system and Sage Reporting System.

Coordinate and submits the System Performance Measure Report.


Coordinates the project implementation team consisting of City and HMIS vendor personnel assigned to the project.


Coordinates the submission of the Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA) report.


Develops and maintains queries, reports, and data feeds for internal and external users and develops procedures for regular data cleaning and other quality control processes.


Ensures the Continuum of Care program agencies comply with HMIS requirements.


Identifies, analyzes, and interprets trends in complex data sets.


Manages Clarity Bitfocus HMIS system.


Monitors contract compliance, program performance and outcomes for HMIS projects.


Participates in meetings and business and data analysis activities with cross-functional teams to gather required reporting and dashboard requirements. Participates in community coalitions and coordinating councils.


Performs Contract Management and HMIS project set up for CoC  ESG, HEAP, CESH and Measure H Homeless Programs.


Plans and facilitates on-going HMIS training for users in individual and group settings.  Works with the Collaborative in developing regional data elements, policies and procedures.


Plans and facilitates on-going HMIS training for users in individual and group settings.  Serves as point of contact between HMIS affiliated agencies, the Collaborative and the HMIS software vendor.


Prepares the submission of Annual Progress Report for all HMIS projects.


Provides active technical and user support by phone, e-mail or at client site when necessary.


Provides administration of implemented software, such as agency and user account set-up, system monitoring and testing, problem diagnosis and resolution routine software and information maintenance.


Provides feedback to the leadership team regarding changes or modifications to enhance the HMIS and technical assistance and cross training to other team members.


Provides technical support to HMIS participating organizations to ensure that data entered to HMIS is complete, accurate, and entered in a timely manner to meet reporting deadlines.


Works with the Collaborative in developing regional data elements, policies and procedures.


Ensures the Department services are provided with the highest customer service and ethical standards.


Assumes responsibility for ensuring the duties of the position are performed in a safe, efficient manner.


Drives on City business as needed.


Performs other related duties as assigned or as the situation requires.

Minimum Requirements:


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Ability to:

Foster a teamwork environment.

Manage multiple projects and deadlines, and troubleshoot/facilitate the resolution of hardware and software problems at all levels.

Model and practice the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Provide exceptional customer service to those utilizing Community Services & Parks Department services.

Read, write, communicate effectively and comprehend directions in English.

Train and provide active technical and user support by phone, e-mail or at client site when necessary.

Translate agency competency and information needs into database structure and system functionality.


Knowledge of:

Extensive familiarity with connecting individual computers and networks to the Internet.

Computer systems and information technology, human service and community planning, together with a demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with diverse community organizations and professional groups.

Microsoft Internet Explorer, Knowledge of Windows Operating Systems.


Knowledge of and skill in:

Exceptional customer service practice.


Other Characteristics

Willingness to:

Work necessary hours and times to accomplish goals, objectives and required tasks.

Willingness to assume responsibility for maintaining a safe work environment.

Work overtime as requested.

Work independently and be flexible to change in assignments.



Some experience involving work with homeless services is required.

Some experience utilizing HMIS systems is required.

Experience in case management is highly desirable.



Graduation from High School or attainment of GED or CHSPE certificate is required.

Bachelor’s Degree in Public administration, Business Administration, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Computer Information Systems or a related field is desirable.



Valid Class C California driver’s license.

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