Joint Projects Eligible Applicants

Submitted by Pat Leslie
Hub for Urban Initiatives

Q: Re: CoC NOFO FR-6600-N-2
Program Components , Page 28 of 102
The NOFO states, “The only components that will be funded in the FY2022 CoC Competition are
1. PH (PSH and RRH);
2. TH;
3. SSO; and
4. HMIS ”
“Additionally, Collaborative Applicants may apply for projects that include TH and RRH components in a single project, a Joint project…”
Does this mean
1) ONLY Collaborative Applicants can apply for Joint TH-PH-RRH ?
2) That existing Joint PH-RRH projects with a Grantee other than the Collaborative Applicant but eligible for renewal will need to be transferred to the Collaborative Applicant?
Please clarify.
Thank you.

A: No, applying for a Joint TH-PH-RRH project is not limited to the agency that serves as the Collaborative Applicant. This wording in the NOFO is referring to the Collaborative Applicant, that is designated by the CoC, being the party responsible for submitting the Consolidated Application, that will include all project applications. Existing projects do not need to be transferred in order to be eligible for renewal.

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