Responses to Survey: COVID-19 Quarantine Sites and Number of Positive Cases in Your CoC

Which CoC do you serve?Has your CoC established quarantine site(s)?What kind of quarantine site(s)?How many homeless persons are you aware of that tested positive for COVID-19 or are showing symptoms in your jurisdiction? You may give either a known # or an approximate #
Oxnard, San Buenaventura/Ventura County CoCYesHotel(s)/Motel(s)2
Bakersfield/Kern County CoCWorking on ItTrailer(s), Other: Tents if beyond capacity 0
San Bernardino City & County CoCYesHotel(s)/Motel(s),
Glendale CoCYesHotel(s)/Motel(s) 1
Santa Maria/Santa Barbara County CoCWorking on ItHotel(s)/Motel(s)0
San Diego City and County CoCYesHotel(s)/Motel(s)3
San Luis Obispo County CoCYesHotel(s)/Motel(s),
Pasadena CoCWorking on ItHotel(s)/Motel(s), Trailer(s), Other: Congregate setting on site at SRO PSH with shared bathrooms. 0
Imperial County CoCWorking on It Hotel(s)/Motel(s)0
Santa Ana, Anaheim/Orange County CoCWorking on It Hotel(s)/Motel(s), Trailer(s), Shelter(s)0 positive, 2 awaiting test results
Los Angeles City & County CoCYesHotel(s)/Motel(s), Shelter(s) Unknown
Long Beach CoCWorking on itHotel(s)/Motel(s), Shelter(s) 0 positive, 3 awaiting test results
Riverside City & County CoCYesHotel(s)/Motel(s)1

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