Smart Surveys Give San Bernardino County a Better Way to Measure Homelessness

Survey123 for ArcGIS Fall 2019

“Less than 24 hours after the count was completed, stakeholders from the county’s Homeless Partnership, Board of Supervisors, and Information Services Department gathered in a conference room and used a configuration of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS to explore the count’s data. By applying a sequence of filters, they were able to get a breakdown of numbers and locations where certain populations of interest—such as chronically homeless veterans or women with children who reported fleeing domestic violence—had been encountered and interviewed. Stakeholders also used a web mapping app to overlay data from the PITC with data from the HOPE team to identify areas where the HOPE team had historical contact with the homeless community but that had not been canvassed by PITC volunteers. This allowed the sheriff’s department to deploy the HOPE team the following week to canvass these areas and help ensure that the PITC was as complete as possible.”

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