Survey Results for Questions Pertaining to CoC Board, Elected Officials, and Legal Counsel

Dear Southern California CoC Leaders,

Results regarding our survey pertaining to CoC Boards, elected officials, and legal counsel follow. 

Table 1 summaries the responses to the survey questions that focused on CoC Board.

  • Average number of seats for CoCs that are counties is 19;
  • Average number of seats for CoCs that are cities is 10;
  • Five (5) or more than one-third (38.5%) of CoCs have board members who are elected officials; 
  • The average number of seats filled by elected officials for the 5 CoCs is four (4);
  • How elected officials are elected is briefly summarized by the 5 CoCs.


Table 1. Questions Pertaining to CoC Board

CoCHow Big is your CoC Board: Indicate number of seatsDoes your CoC Board have members that are "elected officials"?How many seats are filled by "elected officials"?Since your CoC Board has elected officials how are they selected?
Imperial County11Non/an/a
Long Beach17Non/an/a
Los Angeles17Non/an/a
Riverside13Yes2Selected by another group or entity; required in the CoC Charter
San Bernardino40Yes5The Governing Board adds or removes positions directly; once approved the appointment comes directly from the agency
San Diego31Yes2Use an intergovernmental council to select who will serve in our 2 elected seats
San Luis Obispo27Yes8Appointed by a government agency or official
Santa Barbara27Non/an/a
Ventura15Yes2Self-nominated; appointed by a government agency or official; Selected by another group or entity



Table 2 summarizes the responses to the survey questions that focused on legal counsel.

  • All CoCs were receiving legal counsel;
  • Eleven (11) or 84.6% were receiving legal counsel from local city attorney or county counsel;
  • Other two (2) CoCs were receiving other legal counsel.


Table 2.

CoCIs your CoC receiving legal counsel from either your local City Attorney or County Counsel?Is your CoC receiving other legal counsel?
Imperial CountyYes
Long BeachYes
Los AngelesYes
San BernardinoYes
San DiegoYes
San Luis ObispoYes
Santa BarbaraNoYes


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